Their Favorite Dish

A special project from Adi Shilon

In the final months of 2023, I created 45 posts, in which I told the story of 60 hostages taken on October 7th. 60 stories were told through the recreation of each abductee's favorite recipe for pastry or dessert. I talked to the families and friends of the hostages, I got to know each and every one of them and the texts that I wrote to accompany the videos came out of the connection I felt to them through the words of their loved ones. Every story emphasizes the abductee as a person, in the present tense, in a world where the October 7 did not happen. It was a kind of attempt to understand, that behind the absurd number, that there are people just like us - with habits, passions and dreams. The videos and stories received great exposure and hundreds of people prepared the recipes, in honor of the hostages. Beyond giving the readers a sense of personal familiarity and connection, it was also an encouraging and hopeful process for the families of the abductees.

As of this writing, 136 hostages are still in Gaza. 28 of the 60 hostages I wrote about in the project were returned.