Sweet Revenge

From the moment Hamantaschen (Haman's Ears) were born, the idea of exacting ​​sweet revenge on evil Haman fascinated other Jewish communities, who created their own local versions: from the palmier, adopted by French Jews, to gosh-e-fil - bits of fried dough eaten by Iranians. Other communities increased upped the ante and created foods to symbolize Haman's eyes, fingers, hair and even the teeth

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Hidden Meaning

On Purim, nothing is as it seems - even the food. In many Jewish communities around the world, it is tradition to eat foods with a hidden filling in memory of Queen Esther, who hid her true nature from Ahasuerus. This custom also honors divine grace, which is sometimes - as in the story of Esther - hidden from view

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A quiche studded with eggs, sweet semolina pudding, and an ingenious treat made with pantry staples, are among the many foods that Jewish communities around the world prepare for Purim