Season 1 Episode 3 - Six Days Sourdough, One Day Challah

“Everything always happened around the table... I do think that really important things, relevant things often happen around food and the table.” 

Episode 3 of “What’s Your FOODISH?” meets teacher, cook (not chef), caterer, and cookbook author of “Jewish Flavors of Italy: A Family Cookbook,” Silvia Nacamulli. Born and raised in Rome – in the oldest Jewish community in the western world – Nacamulli notes that food, and large quantities of it, were very important in her home. She spent 6 years in Israel during her studies, and “the variety and really, the gastronomical mixture of spices and flavors that I experienced in Israel was fabulous. And that I kind of inherited and brought it with me to London and adapted it a little bit to my cooking.” 

In this episode, Silvia tells FOODISH CEO Merav Oren about the secret of Italian cuisine- it is simple and essential, with few ingredients and no rule breaking- and how she sees her book as a legacy to that heritage, how Carciofi alla Romana (Roman-style Artichokes) are her favorite dish, and how her family breaks the Yom Kippur fast with a bowl of light soup followed by an enormous barbeque. 

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