Season 1 Episode 4 - Home Is Your Family Table

"I like to let time work for me, instead of against me... and when you cook sourdough or make pickles... time becomes another ingredient in the food."

The guest for Episode 4 of “What’s Your FOODISH?” is Food Writer, Editor, Teacher, and Activist Rob Eshman. Rob is a native Californian of Ashkenazi descent whose childhood obsession with Pop Tarts ignited a lifelong love of recreating his favorite dishes. Rob speaks with FOODISH CEO, Merav Oren, about the way he connected to his Jewish identity during his time in Israel and the discovery of the importance of Shabbat dinner, “you have to celebrate, you have to pause, you have to eat well, you have to have some wine. Otherwise, one day bleeds into the next. That’s been such a powerful learning experience for me.”

Rob generously takes the time to tell us about everything from seasonal cooking from his garden, to how entertaining is a true talent, the ways in which he believes that food can deepen and heighten our experience to community, tradition, and even god, and how, for him, home is the place where you create your family table. He talks about raising chickens and goats in the middle of Venice, California, and that his ideal dinner party is our own FOODISH board- the guest list will knock your socks off. Give a listen.

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