• Savory Cheese Danish. Photo: Adi Shilon.
    Savory Cheese Danish. Photo: Adi Shilon.
  • Dolev and Arbel Yehud. Photo courtesy of the family.
    Dolev and Arbel Yehud. Photo courtesy of the family.
  • Savory Cheese Danish. Photo: Adi Shilon.
    Savory Cheese Danish. Photo: Adi Shilon.

Arbel and Dolev Yehud’s Favorite Savory Cheese Danish

Their favorite dish: Dolev and Arbel Yehud are very close. Adi Shilon made them delicious savory danish inspired by their grandmother's recipe

The strong resemblance and courageous connection between Arbel and Dolev can be recognized on their faces at first glance. When you get closer, you can see it clearly in their pure hearts, in the shared values ​​they were raised on, in the way their relatives talk about them, and the big smiles that characterize them both.

35-year-old Dolev and 28-year-old Arbel are very close siblings who live in Kibbutz Nir Oz. Dolev is a family man in every inch of his body. His wife, Sigi, has been holding his hand since they were 12 years old and hasn’t let go since. They have been through everything together: the two built a house, started a family and planted roots in Nir Oz. Their lives are intertwined.

Arbel is the girl everyone loves. She is constantly surrounded by friends and family. She is, by far, the most amazing aunt. Together with Ariel, her boyfriend, she saved and traveled to South America to made this dream an exciting and amazing reality. The two returned back to Israel just before Sukkot. 

On the seventh of October Dolev and Arbel Yehud were kidnapped by Hamas from Kibbutz Nir Oz, as was Arbel’s partner, Ariel Kunio.

Sigi gave birth to a perfect little girl named Dor while Dolev has been in captivity. Dolev hasn’t met his daughter yet.

Ingredients for Savory Cheese Danish

For the dough:

  • 1.1 lbs (500 grams) flour
  • 2¼ (10 grams) baking powder
  • 10.6 oz (300 grams) 9% white cheese or sour cream
  • 3.5 oz (100 grams) parmesan cheese
  • 7 oz (200 grams) butter room temperature
  • 1¾ teaspoon (10 grams) Salt

For the filling:

  • 1.3 lbs (600 grams) cottage cheese
  • 10.6 oz (300 grams) feta cheese
  • 3.5 oz (100 grams) parmesan cheese grated
  • a little ground nutmeg

To brush:

  • 3 oz (100 grams) butter melted (I added a few sprigs of rosemary when I melted the butter and I really recommend it)


  • 1. Knead together all the dough ingredients until you get a smooth and uniform dough. Wrap in plastic wrap and put in the fridge for an hour.

  • 2. Divide the dough in half. On a floured surface, roll out each half in turn into a large rectangle, and spread with half the filling in an even layer. Roll, cut into strips and place on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper. (I baked in a muffin tin and Grandma Hanna generally bakes them in molds, but I felt the need to turn them over at the end of baking and give them another five minutes in the oven and it was just easier without the holes). Freeze for an hour.

  • 3. Heat the oven to 355F (180C) degrees. Bake for about 20 minutes until sufficiently browned. Brush with butter immediately after removing from the oven and serve.

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This recipe is part of Adi Shilon’s “Their Favorite Dish” project, which tells the story of 60 abductees through the recreation of their favorite recipe for a pastry or dessert. For all the details and additional recipes in the project.

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