Kabaluli - Georgian wedding bread. Illustration: Nadav Yahal
Kabaluli - Georgian wedding bread. Illustration: Nadav Yahal
מילון האוכל היהודי


Festive bread-cake and the main attraction of any Georgian Jewish wedding ceremony

Kabaluli, a traditional Georgian wedding bread, is baked for the bride, lit with as many candles as her age and garnished with silver coins. During the wedding party, the bride’s mother picks up the Kabaluli and dances with it while the groom’s family thanks her for raising their son’s future wife. Sometimes the guests join in the dance and place money on the bread.

The kabaluli is sometimes baked as a round cake or puffs. The dough is similar in its ingredients to a classic challah, but it is richer and sweeter with more added sugar or honey, and sometimes also dried fruit, such as raisins.

A similar version of the bread called Puani is served at other festive occasions and is considered a symbol of wealth and prosperity.

Irma Kazan, expert in Georgian cuisine contributed to this entry.

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