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November 2023

Bengingi (Ben Siman Tov). Photography: Adam Friedman
Bengingi (Ben Siman Tov). Photography: Adam Friedman

ANU Together: Bialy with Bengingi (in Hebrew)

In a Zoom workshop suitable for the whole family, Baker Bengingi (Ben Siman Tov), makes a classic bialy, as well as a pizza bialy for kids

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Tuesday, November 7th 2023
18:00 pm - 19:00 pm
Online Workshop
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Although their name seems to hint at their origin – the city of Bialystok in Poland – Joan Nathan writes in her book “Jewish cooking in America” ​​that it is not at all clear what the origin of Bialy is and suggests that the name “Bialy” (or “Bialystokker Kochen”) stuck to this pastry only in the United States, because Jewish bakers who immigrated from Bialystok were the first to make it in America. While Bialys were accepted as full-fledged citizens in New York deli’s, they are relatively unknown outside of it, and it’s a shame – because it’s a delicacy: small and soft buns, made of bagel dough, but instead of a hole, a hole is made in them, which is filled with fried onions and poppy seeds.

Bengingi (Ben Siman Tov) – a baker, chef, leader of baking workshops and a graduate of gastronomy studies at the University of the Slow Food organization in Italy – brings the bialy back to center stage in a Zoom workshop that is suitable for the whole family, in which he will teach us to make a classic bialy with poppy and onion, as well as a pizza bialy for kids.

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Want to bake in the workshop together with Bengingi? Make sure you have the following prepared in advance:

1. The full list of ingredients found in the recipe here

2. One recipe Bialy dough, prepared and set aside to rise for about an hour at room temperature, or overnight in the refrigerator.

3. One recipe Bialy filling cooked and cooled.

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