July 2024

אסתר לבנת. צילום: חמדת גולדברג
אסתר לבנת. צילום: חמדת גולדברג

Grandma Cooks – third meeting: Esther Livnat, German cuisine (HEBREW)

Esther Livnat introduces the surprising side of German cuisine: straightforward and unadorned, connected to the land, and a wonderful pastry tradition

date When
Wednesday, July 31st 2024
19:00 pm - 21:30 pm
Attilio Cooking School, Yoni Netanyahu St 4, Or Yehuda
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140 NIS
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“For this cholent is the very
Food of heaven, which, on Sinai,
God Himself instructed Moses
In the secret of preparing,

Yes, this cholent’s pure ambrosia
Of the true and only God”

Princess Shabbat, by Heinrich Heine

For Esther Livnat, a girl from the city of Breslau, food has always been an inseparable part of the spirit, and essence of tradition. Livnat was born in 1927 to an educated Jewish family. Although the family maintained a religious lifestyle, the society they lived in was mixed and the food the family prepared was as equally influenced by the Jewish calendar as the cuisine of their secular and German neighbors. When the family immigrated to Israel, in 1938, they continued to preserve the flavors and cooking techniques of German (Yekke) cuisine.

Esther Livnat comes to a special meeting at the Attilio school, where she will introduce us to the surprising (and delicious!) side of German cuisine: straightforward and unadorned food, connected to land and place, with a wonderful pastry tradition. We will hear about the ways in which German cuisine has been preserved over decades in Israel and taste the Shabbat dishes that Livnat has been cooking since she was a young woman.

Grandma Cooks is a multi-part series by FOODISH and the Attilio Cooking School and led by content curator, Hemdat Goldberg, which gives a special look at the culinary secrets of grandmothers from different communities. The series is intended for everyone – food lovers, professionals and those who like to take a look into other people’s pots and discover the forgotten treasures of Jewish cuisine.

Please note this series is held in Hebrew.

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