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June 2024

Genie Milgrom. Photo courtesy of Genie Milgrom.
Genie Milgrom. Photo courtesy of Genie Milgrom.

Tour, Movie and Panel with Genie Milgrom, descendant of Spanish Anusim

Genie Milgrom grew up Catholic, but was drawn to Judaism. A family cookbook set her on a revealing journey to find her roots. Hear her story

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Sunday, June 2nd 2024
18:30 pm - 22:00 pm
ANU Museum, Klausner 15 (inside the Tel Aviv University complex), Tel Aviv
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52 NIS
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Genie Milgrom grew up in a Catholic family, but always felt drawn to Judaism. A family cookbook sent her on a journey to find her roots that ended up revealing a chilling family secret. Genie currently manages a database containing archival records from the Inquisition and engages in genealogical research and consulting. She published five books documenting her journey and the story of her Anusim (forced converts) descendants, one of which is a book of recipes passed down from mother to daughter for 22 generations.

On June 2, Genie will comes to the ANU Museum to tell her story. The program will include:

18:30 – Guided tour of the museum following the forced converts of Spain and Portugal and a short talk about their cuisine (Hebrew).
20:00 – Screening of Genie’s film “Between the Stone and the Flower” which tells the story of her journey. This is the first screening of the film in Israel, though it has been screened at many festivals around the world.
21:00 – panel discussion and audience questions for Genie Milgrom.

For recipes from Genie Milgrom’s “Recipes of my 15 Grandmothers”

For more on Genie Milgrom

Picture of Genie Milgrom's cookbook "Recipes of My 15 Grandmothers"
Genie Milgrom’s “Recipes of My 15 Grandmothers”
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