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June 2024

Hulu-Ageresh (Rivka) Bercoli. Photo: Meital Azulay from The Pearl Studio. Make-up: Ina Barak.
Hulu-Ageresh (Rivka) Bercoli. Photo: Meital Azulay from The Pearl Studio. Make-up: Ina Barak.

Grandma Cooks – Second Meeting: Hulu-Ageresh (Rivka) Bercoli from the Ethiopian community (HEBREW)

One of the most exciting kitchens in Israel is also one of the most mysterious. Rivka Bercoli guides a fascinating journey through Ethiopian cuisine

date When
Monday, June 3rd 2024
19:00 pm - 21:00 pm
Attilio Cooking School, Yoni Netanyahu St 4, Or Yehuda, Israel
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140 NIS
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Hulu-Ageresh (Rivka) Bercoli’s father was Chew Ekpepei – responsible for distributing all the food and spices to remote villages in Ethiopia. The people of the villages kept spice mixtures away from the plants, which they believed strengthened the body and mind.

Bercoli immigrated to Israel when she was 7 years old and quickly warmed to the available Western food. Growing up, she suffered from health issues and later decided to make a return to the Ethiopian food of her childhood. When she discovered its benefits, she began to research, to preserve the cooking traditions of the women of her community and to assume her father’s role in making the knowledge and raw materials of Ethiopian cuisine accessible.

Hulu-Ageresh (Rivka) Bercoli will hold a special meeting at the Attilio School, where she will reveal a side of Ethiopian cuisine that few in Israel know: about spices and their virtues and about special cooking techniques and traditions of the community. The meeting with culminate in a traditional Shabbat meal, cooked by Bercoli, at noon.

Grandma Cooks is a multi-part series by FOODISH and the Attilio Cooking School and led by content curator, Hemdat Goldberg, which gives a special look at the culinary secrets of grandmothers from different communities. The series is intended for everyone – food lovers, professionals and those who like to take a look into other people’s pots and discover the forgotten treasures of Jewish cuisine.

Please note this series is held in Hebrew.

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