Turkish Charoset. Photography: Shutterstock.
Turkish Charoset. Photography: Shutterstock.

Turkish Charoset

5 minutes of work and you have a sweet and sour Turkish charoset just like the Percy family

Shiri Embram, Mary’s daughter, says: Mother passed away on Tu B’Shvat and Pesach was the first holiday we celebrated without her. We shared the cooking and one of my tasks was to make mother’s Turkish charoset. I had never made it till then, because mother would make it for all of us.

I remember standing in the kitchen, mixing and tasting and starting to cry. The taste was exactly like Mother Mary’s Turkish charoset. I felt as if she had arrived and prepared it with me.

Ingredients for Turkish Charoset

  • 1 package Dates pureed (vacuum packed)
  • grated orange peel
  • apples Granny Smith
  • nuts chopped
  • orange juice from one orange


  • 1. Peel the apple and coarsely grate.

  • 2. Mix all the ingredients together.

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This recipe is taken from the book “Grandma Mary’s Cookbook”, which contains the best recipes of the Turkish community and the traditional foods of Grandma Mary’s parents’ house, who added her own personal touch to the flavors and aromas.

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