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The Herring Festival

This year, the Festival of Jewish History and Heritage in Belarus, deals with herring which has become an intrinsic part of the daily life, culture and folklore of Belarusian Jews. For the first time, we took part in the festival in partnership with The Belarusian-Jewish Cultural Center and examined what happened to herring when it arrived in Israel along with the Jews of Belarus, and how the story of herring is an allegory of the entire post-Soviet immigration

"TIsh" Festival and Foodish

During Sukkot FOODISH collaborated with the POLIN Museum- Museum of the History of Polish Jews, at the "TISH" Jewish Food Festival in Warsaw, and we invited the Nomads Kitchen along with us. Since this particular panel focused on the subject of "wandering," we thought that there'd be no one more versed on the topic than a group of chefs who travel throughout Israel making seasonal food from local produce.

Comfort Food

It doesn't matter if we have a cold or a broken heart, our grandmothers have a remedy for every ailment under the sun - and it usually comes from their kitchen. Let's allay our anxieties with carbs, feed the soul with soup, find a moment of respite in comfort food from Jewish grandmothers around the world and believe that everything will be fine- just make sure to clean your plate

Comfort food from the FOODISH community

Eat your blessings?

Wheat pudding that symbolizes unconditional love, a soup of blessed noodles, edible pendants and more stories and recipes from our user archives

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