Food has an everlasting, compelling story to tell and when curiosity questions the cook and his or her dishes, fascinating elements of culture and history, techniques and ingredients, even specific table settings, bubble up to the surface – all worthy of intriguing investigation. Each journey can reveal intricate, storied threads of hardship, saving graces, lost and found connections, shared destinies, and of course, significant morsels of Jewish history.

Jewish cuisine, just like the Jewish people, is a beautiful and colorful mosaic made up of hundreds of different and varying tastes and techniques. There are recipes that have traveled the world, pulling from ingredients and flavors in each new territory, harnessing new methods and flavors for each dish, while still maintaining their core essence. Kosher requirements, Shabbat observances, the high holidays, and the dates of the Jewish calendar are all collective adherences that have become a common denominator in the kitchens of Jewish communities around the world.

At FOODISH, we let food tell our shared story and use it to tap into newfound connections. How exactly do you do this (and more!) in a museum? We’re glad you asked! We host live events including lectures, festivals, culinary tours, and book launches. Our website includes a magazine rich in articles and columns that feature stories of everything from dishes on the brink of extinction to new culinary ventures, and steadfast traditions. In addition, we have a unique, collaborative platform that welcomes the public to add and publish a recipe or family and community food story to the museum's Jewish food database. This ensures that it will always remain alive and vibrant – with the intention of influencing future generations while continually serving as an accessible resource for all. Our test kitchen allows us to run research programs, workshops, family gatherings, and more. As part of the museum's educational programs, which reach hundreds of thousands of youth around the world, we promote the connection between food and Jewish identity on a universal scale.

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